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Whenever we are together there is a ton of laughter, we don't just share a studio space, we are friends, we help each other, and we learn from each other. Some of us love diet coke, some prefer mt dew, but we don't let that get in the way of our friendships. Between us we have 18 kids and over 40 years experience as professional photographers.

While we might photograph some of the same things, we each have

our own "favorite" subject and cover everything from babies to boudoir!


Brandy Dial
Brandy has been shooting for 11 years, She shoots a grand mix of things, but over the last few years, her favorites have become boudoir, births, seniors, and newborns.  She also shoots weddings, families, and children.

She has a crazy balancing act, needing to balance her family (a husband I adore, 5 kids, an English Bulldog who snores and pees in the same corner of her family room all the time), and her business (a studio with white floors, 4 studio partners, professional labs, conferences, e-mails, phone calls, websites with “about me” pages)Her goal in life & business is like Mr. Lincoln said, “Whatever you are, be a good one.” She is constantly trying to improve and educate herself. Always asking “what would I value in an image from this session.?  What is the goal of my client?…”


Her drive is to give personal artwork to her clients. Your relationships are precious. She hopes to capture those relationships and help you show the world how precious they are to you

Angie Clayson

Angie's experience in photography is deep rooted. She dabbled in photography throughout her teen years. She has studied and learned photography throughout the country, being mentored by the best of the best, attending workshops in various states. She started her professional business in 2001. While her children were small she focused mainly on families and high school seniors. But, in recent years she has transitioned into wedding photography and quite enjoys the storytelling of a great love story.  


Angie's style is very laid back and easy going. She has the ability and charm to make every session fun and a great memory.  She is quick witted and likes to tease. There is no doubt that she will capture real smiles at your session. 


When asked to list a few things about herself, she says this: 

I'm a photographer. I'm a dreamer. I love to travel. I'm a Diet Coke junkie. I'm a mother to five.

I could eat chips and salsa every single day. Relationships are important to me. I hate wearing socks. 

I love newborn babies. My favorite color is pink. I love to laugh. I'm a bit rebellious. I love my life.

Marina Russell

Marina was born in Russia, but has lived in Utah for the past 22 years and Utah has become a home away from home for her. She has 5 wonderful children, and they keep her pretty busy, and they are her pride and joy. She is married to the most wonderful man, who is her best friend, support and true love.
Photography was always an interest of Marinas. She has taken classes in college but instead majored in International Politics. Most of her knowledge comes from years of experience, tinkering around and trying new things. She does attend a few seminars occasionally to keep up with the latest techniques. 

Ashlee Fackrell
Ashlee, a lover of Mt Dew and anything that sparkles. She is slightly obsessed with music, it's what drives her and is where she draws her inspiration for her photography from! Ashlee is extremely faithful to her religion and her family, she has two little girls and has been married to her crush from Jr High School for 9 years.

She has been at this photography gig professionally for 14 years but started taking pictures as a kid. She focuses mostly on Weddings, Birth & Newborn photography, but also enjoys photographing kids, high school seniors and women that need a confidence boost! 

She is a self proclaimed hot mess when it comes to fashion, and also calls herself a grandma since her favorite hobbies include; working in the garden, crocheting, family history and listening to audio books while driving the speed limit everywhere she goes. While Ashlee is also extremely sarcastic, joking around most of the time, these hobbies are no joke! Her hair color also changes on a pretty regular basis!