Brandy Dial

Brandy has been shooting for 12 years, She shoots a grand mix of things, but over the last few years, her favorites have become boudoir, births, seniors, and newborns.  She also shoots weddings, families, and children.
She has a crazy balancing act, needing to balance her family (a husband she adores, 5 kids, an English Bulldog who snores and pees in the same corner of her family room all the time), and her business (a studio with white floors, 3 studio partners, professional labs, conferences, e-mails, phone calls, websites with “about me” pages) Her goal in life & business is like Mr. Lincoln said, “Whatever you are, be a good one.” She is constantly trying to improve and educate herself. Always asking “what would I value in an image from this session.?  What is the goal of my client?…”

Her drive is to give personal artwork to her clients. Your relationships are precious. She hopes to capture those relationships and help you show the world how precious they are to you

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