Ashlee Fackrell

Ashlee is a lover of Mt Dew and anything that sparkles. She is slightly obsessed with music, it's what drives her and is where she draws her inspiration for her photography from! Ashlee is extremely faithful to her religion and her family, she has two little girls and has been married to her crush from Jr High School for 10 years.
She has been at this photography gig professionally for 14 years but started taking pictures as a kid. She focuses mostly on Weddings, & Fresh 48 photography and newborns, and also loves creating family films.

She is a self proclaimed hot mess when it comes to fashion, and also calls herself a grandma since her favorite hobbies include; working in the garden, crocheting, family history and listening to audio books. While Ashlee is also extremely sarcastic, joking around most of the time, but has a 6th sense of knowing when it's time to be professional! 

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